Facilitating the Human/Animal Bond


 Senior Citizens, People Affected by Disabilities,

Hospice Families,


Clients of Health Care and other Facilities


New Hampshire

ElderPet is a service organization staffed by community volunteers, and is based at the Thompson School at UNH. The main goal of ElderPet is to facilitate the important human/pet relationships of the senior citizens, people with disabilities, hospice families, and clients of health care and other facilities.

ElderPet is a Pet Partners® Community Partner

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ElderPet provides Animal Assisted Activities and Therapy with registered Pet Partners® volunteers and other services though a network of community volunteers.

Begun as an Applied Animal Science project at the University of New Hampshire in 1982, ElderPet is registered with the State of New Hampshire as a Non-Profit Corporation and has received tax- exempt status under IRS Code 501 (c)(3). (EIN 06-1714543)


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