ElderPet Therapy Animal Program

If you have a well-behaved, well-mannered and socialized pet who loves people and you have time to volunteer, you may want to consider becoming a therapy animal team!

Here is a link to a short presentation that will tell you how you and your pet may become Pet Partners. Most of the material is repeated below.

Link: How to Volunteer With Pet Partners

ElderPet is a Community Partner of Pet Partners. ElderPet provides the Pet Partners Handler Course and Evaluations for owners and their pets (as a team!) for visiting animal programs in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, schools and other facilities. Once completing this process (course and evaluation) and having a veterinary evaluation for the pet, the team is eligible for registration with Pet Partners.

Pet Partners Program Requirements may be found here.  ElderPet recommends strongly that if your prospective therapy animal is a dog, that you and your pet take a basic obedience or CGC class before signing up for an evaluation. A quick quiz for your pet's suitability may be found on the Pet Partners home page.

Pet Partners has a deep regard and respect for its therapy animal teams and the important role that they play in meeting the needs of the people they interact with. Pet Partners also has high expectations regarding conduct of its teams. Pet Partners has developed Policies and Procedures that teams must follow. They may be found here.

If you find that you meet the requirements and agree to the Pet Partners Policies and Procedures, you would then take the Handler Course. This can be taken in-person with ElderPet in Durham, NH (See link above for schedule and print registration forms. Note: Print form must be received by the deadline for the course whether or not you are registered through Pet Partners site. The course may also be taken on-line through Pet Partners. 

Preregister with Pet Partners Volunteer Center

Whether you wish to take the course on-line or in-person, you will need to preregister through the Pet Partners Volunteer Center. You may do this before or after you send in your print registration. If you have not, you will need to register as a volunteer at the Pet Partners website.  Once logged in, you will see the link Training Center on the right menu. You would then choose Sign-up then either browse by location (NH) for our in-person course or scroll down the menu for the on-line course.

Once you have taken the course, you may sign up for an evaluation.  ElderPet offers evaluations in Durham, NH but there are other evaluations scheduled in Maine and NH that you can find on the Pet Partners website if our schedule does not meet yours.  (See link above for evaluation schedule. You should also preregister for an evaluation at the Pet Partners Volunteer Center. )

After you and your pet complete the evaluation, an ElderPet representative will review the Pet Partners final registration process with you and invite you to join ElderPet.