Pet Care Directive Information

Pet Alert Card

This is a pdf document that is best printed on card stock. It contains a wallet card that alerts whoever finds it to the fact that the bearer has a pet at home that needs care and whom to call should something happen to them. The second part is a card to be posted on the refrigerator listing the care and medications that pet needs.

Recommendations for Comprehensive Information to Leave Regarding Pet Care

This is a comprehensive list of information to leave on refrigerator or to give to pet care agents.

NH Law Concerning Pet Care Trust

A pet owner may leagally leave a trust for care of their pets in NH.

Durable Power Of Attorney for Pet Care

This is a legal document where a pet owner can assure care of pet(s) in case of illness, disabilty or death.

Human Emergency Information Cards

This link contains human related medical cards to leave in a prominent place (refrigerator) to be found by first responders in case of emergency situations.