Other Outreach Services Provided by ElderPet

ElderPet has volunteers who will provide scheduled pet-related transportation, e.g. to veterinary offices, groomers etc. for those who have no other recourse. This is at no cost to low income individuals and for a fee to others.  Arrangements must be made in advance to accommodate volunteer schedules.

Consultations About Pet Related Problems
If a social service provider or care worker is concerned about the care of pets of a client, ElderPet will be happy to discuss the situation with you.  All consults will remain confidential.  An Information Sheet for Care Providers may be found here.

Low Cost Pet Care Services by other organizations

Important Documents of Interest to Pet Owners

Pet Alert Card - This is a pdf document that is best printed on card stock. It contains a wallet card that alerts whoever finds it to the fact that the bearer has a pet at home that needs care and who tom call should something happen to him. The second part is a card to be posted on the refrigerator listing the care and medications that pet needs.

NH Law Concerning Pet Care Trust - A pet owner my leave a trust for care of their pets.

Durable Power Of Attorney for Pet Care - This is a legal document where a pet owner can assure care of pet(s) in case of death.