Pet Medication Assistance

When a pet is sick, often veterinary visits require expensive lab work and treatment.  While owners on limited fixed incomes can often manage what they hope will be a one-time expense, sometimes the tests reveal a chronic illness that may require lifetime medication or prescription diets and frequent veterinary monitoring.  Sometimes these medications/diets can be very expensive.

To help a family pet with a chronic illness, ElderPet is prepared to cover the cost of the medication or prescription diet if the owner is able to commit to keeping and paying for the monitoring/recheck visits and doing follow-up lab work with his/her veterinarian.  Medication cost is paid either directly to the veterinarian providing the medication/prescription food or by reimbursement to the owner with a pharmacy receipt. 

ElderPet welcomes inquiries from pet owners and veterinary hospitals about this program. 

Considerations are made on an individual basis with preferences to our target population.